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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website !

I have started to design cars in the age of six for the first time.
With the time I have learned diferent techniques of making Cardesigns and renderings of Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Bycicles, etc.

I was born in Sliven, Bulgaria in 01.03.1980.
-Postdegreed High School -Sliven 1998.
-Fine Arts Course – Sliven 1994.
-English Course-Europe Schools -Sliven 1996.
I have taken part in many design contest like :
-Peugeot Desing Contest.
-Motor Trend Design Contest
-Michelin Challenege Design,etc

My works have been publicated in Avto-Trud Bulgarian Car Magazine through the period 1998-2002.
Since 2002 I have established myself in Spain in the Costa Blanca area and I live here with my family.
I am currently learning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe CorelDraw in order to improve my design skills and works

I am open to receive any opportunities from Car Manifacturing companies, Design Departments and individuals.
The Webpage is easy to use, just click on the diferent folders in order to access the designs and projects that each one contains.

I speak Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

Fell free to contact me.

Enjoy your visit !
Thank you !